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In the Northern Virginia Youth Lacrosse League (NVYLL), Vienna Youth Lacrosse abides by its rules and divisional breakdowns. There are four Divisions for Boys and Girls:
  • U15 for players under 15 by December 31 of the year prior to the spring season.
  • U13 for players under 13 by December 31 of the year prior to the spring season.
  • U11 for players under 11 by December 31 of the year prior to the spring season.
  • U9   for players under 09 by December 31 of the year prior to the spring season.
If there is space available in the U9 Boys and Girls after the registration date has passed, younger players may be evaluated for these teams. Interested younger players should submit their registration form. They will be placed on a wait list and contacted after the regular registration period has closed.
Players that are in the 9th grade, have not participated in high school lacrosse, and are otherwise eligible to play in the U-15 division shall be permitted to play in the NVYLL.
Our Little LAX program is designed as a non-competitive introduction to lacrosse for children ages K-2nd grade. We encourage lots of parental involvement so you can have a fun time learning lacrosse with your future player.
VYI sponsors a Pre-Season Clinic designed to expose players new to lacrosse to the fundamentals of the game in a non-competitive atmosphere.  The clinic also provides returning players the opportunity to get the "kinks" out of their game. All players are encouraged to attend. Please see the page relating to the current or upcoming season for dates and fees associated with the clinic.
Regular practices and/or player evaluations usually begin in February. We will provide more information on the evaluations/tryouts when it is known. The first games are usually schedule for the last weekend in March or the First weekend in April. Most teams will play an approximately eight or nine game schedule that will conclude in early June. The regular season is followed by a tournament week for the top eight or twelve teams in each division.
3. What equipment is required for lacrosse?
Girl’s lacrosse is non-contact. Girls need a women's lacrosse stick, protective eye gear, mouth guard and cleats (soccer or football). The mouth guard and USA Lacrosse Approved Goggles are REQUIRED for practices and games. Suggested sticks for beginning players are 36" in length for girls under 5' tall and 48" in length for girls over 5' tall. Only the goalie wears protective gear that is provided by VYI. 
Boys lacrosse is a contact sport. In addition to a stick, cleats, a mouth guard, and a protective cup; each player must have a helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves.
VYI runs a seasonal rental program for the boys' additional equipment. Please note: Equipment rental fees may not be paid with registration. The parent and player must attend an equipment rental session for equipment fitting, form completion, and payment.
The regular season (January - last game played in June) rental rate is $50. Players who wish to continue renting equipment through the Summer can do so for an additional $35 (mid June - Labor Day). A $150 deposit is also required which will be cashed if the equipment is not returned within one week of the requested return date for the season. The equipment is located in the VYI shed next to the Vienna Community Center.
For girls, VYI will provide the kiltie and team shirt. The kiltie MUST be returned to VYI at the end of the season; players keep their team shirts (new last season). Girls need to wear their own shorts under the kiltie.
Boys will be given a game jersey and shorts which are theirs to keep at the end of the season.
In the NVYLL league, most teams will practice two or three times a week from March through early June. Most teams will play eight games. Generally, boys' games are played on Saturday and girls' games are played on Sunday. However, scheduling conflicts and rescheduling due to weather may result in games being scheduled on different days. In recent seasons, VYI practiced at Oak Marr, Oakton Elementary School, Cunningham Park Elementary School and Freedom Hill Elementary fields. Our home fields for games are Oak Marr #2 and Cunningham Elementary. VYI Lacrosse understands the challenge of juggling various family members' schedules and commitments. However, our coaches reserve the right to institute penalties, including limiting game day play time, based upon a player's absence during scheduled practices or games.
In the U11-U15 age groups, each coach awards five individual plaques, Best Attack, Best Middie, Best Defense, Coaches Award, and Most Valuable Player. The U9 program does not provide the position or MVP trophies as this is a non-competitive league and our goal is to teach, not focus on winning.
Registration for VYI Lacrosse is handled on-line.  On-line registration is available at http://www.viennalacrosse.org. Simply, follow the directions for on-line registrations.   More information on league fees for the current/upcoming season is available on this site.  Please refer to the links on the left-hand side of this page.
The Commissioner can waive the registration fee in the event of financial hardship.
The refund policy is provided on the on-line registration page.  No refunds are issued for withdrawals after registration closes.   If a player withdraws after this date please inform the registrar as a courtesy.
9. Is there a volunteer commitment for Vienna Lacrosse?
Yes. VYI is a 100% volunteer organization. The success of the program depends directly on the involvement of each player's family. Therefore, it is expected that everyone will contribute some time, talent, and effort to support the program. There are a host of ways you can volunteer.
At the league level, you can help on a committee, such as:
  • Women's Program (We need parents of our young girls to become more involved in this side of our program. )
  • Fundraising (Help drum up corporate sponsors and coordinate fundraising activities.)
  • Field Coordination (Become one of the volunteers to help line and care for game day fields.)
  • Preseason Clinic (Help with coordination and registration for the VYI Player Development Clinic.
  • Equipment/Uniforms (Assist with the boys equipment rental program; assist in selection and distribution of each season's uniforms.)
  • Registration (Assist with walk-in registration sessions.)
  • Finance (Coordinate all financial matters with VYI Treasurer. Requires significant participation in registration activities.)
  • Each of the above activities requires a lead for the Boys program and a lead for the Girls program. Contact the Commissioner, , to explore these and other volunteer opportunities.
At the team level, you can volunteer to be a:
  • Team parent (Help organize the team by coordinating snack duty, phone tree rosters, and team events.)
  • Field representative (Ensure proper documentation for the game; handle any conduct problems, keep the official score if the electronic scoreboard is not functioning.)
  • Assistant Coach (Actively participate in team practices, communication, and games.)
  • Game Official (Help ensure the NVYLL rules are followed and may referee in the event of a no show by the referee provided by NVYLL)
For 2007, VYI Lacrosse is including all the costs of administering the program in the fee.  We may do additional fundraising to help pay for new projects like Water's Field, but we will not require fundraising or donations from all the kids.
See the Directions and Fields links to the left for a complete list of practice and game facilities.  Practice fields are supplied by Fairfax County and can change from year to year.   The NVYLL is a travel league, so you will need to plan to travel to at least half of your childs games.